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»ta*tack« sonic and video textures
22. März – 28. April 2012

Kluge’s newest work »If you go down to the woods tonight, you’d better go in disguise« will be the heart of the exhibition; a wall to wall installation whose atmosphere and light will not only bring the forest into the gallery, but which will also reflect and change with the atmosphere in the gallery itself. The installation, using film material Kluge shot in 2012 near Munich, is exemplary of his working method; the software needed to realize his idea having been developed and produced by himself. The use of technology combined with photography and film, highlights his interest and competence in more than one discipline. The installation belongs to his body of work entitled “cyclo”, encompassing technically manipulated landscape panoramas, which combine the long tradition of landscape representation with cutting edge technology and allow the performance to emanate from the viewer himself. The inevitable, unavoidable interaction created by the work inspires dialogue and interaction becomes the actual content of the work itself.

thanks to: Anna Lena Zintel & Anatol Wieser